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Blackfoot Confederacy (Siksikaitsitapi) Flag


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3'x6' Government Spec 200D nylon flag with rope and toggle.

This is a real flag. We supply these flags to government organizations across western Canada

The Blackfoot Confederacy, Niitsitapi or Siksikaitsitapi[ (ᖹᐟᒧᐧᒣᑯ, meaning "the people" or "Blackfoot-speaking real people" is a historic collective name for the four bands that make up the Blackfoot or Blackfeet people: three First Nation band governments in the provinces of Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia, and one federally recognized Native American tribe in Montana, United States. The Siksika ("Blackfoot"), the Kainai or Kainah ("Blood"), and the Northern Piegan or Peigan or Piikani ("Apa’tosee" or "Poor Robes") reside in Canada; the Southern Piegan/Piegan Blackfeet ("Amskapi Piikani" or Pikuni) are located in the United States, where they are also known as the Blackfeet Nation. In modern use, the term is sometimes used only for the three First Nations in Canada.

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