What Size Flag to Buy For Your Outdoor Flag Pole | FlagMart Canada


How do I know what size flag to get to match my flagpole? If I get a flag too big, it will be difficult for it to get enough wind to fly properly in the wind and if my flag is too small it will look awkward on my pole and deteriorate faster. 

Check out the table below to choose the appropriate size flag for you outdoor flag pole. 

Application Size of Pole Standard Flag Sizes
Outdoor Flag Pole 20’ 27"x54",36"x72"
  25’ 36"x72,45"x90"
  30’ 45"x90",54"x108"
  35’ 54"x108",60"x120"
  40’ 60"x120",72"x144"
Indoor Flag Display 8’ 36"x60", 36"x72"
Wall Angle Mounted 6’ 27"x54"
  8’ 36"x60", 36"x72"