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Full Racing Flag Set with Plain Blue Flag
Full Racing Flag Set with Blue Striped Flag

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    Detailed Black Instructional Racing Flag Set Description

    Racing flags are finished with a  1" sleeve so a 0.5" wooden dowel can be inserted

    Green Flag - Signals the start of a race or the end of a caution period

    Yellow Flag - Indicates Hazards on or near the track or blocking the track. In NASCAR it indicates course local caution or full course caution. May also indicate a safety car has been deployed

    Code 60 Flag - No overtaking, slow down to 60 km/hr

    White Flag - in FIA-sanctioned races it indicates a slow moving vehicle ahead or in NASCAR, indicates a final lap

    Blue Courtesy Flag - displayed with a diagonal yellow, orange or red stripe in some series. used to inform drivers that another car is fast approaching and will overtake so they should allow room to pass. Called the "Courtesy Flag" 

    Red Flag - When there is imminent danger to spectators, competitors or others, it indicates the suspension of the current session

    Checkered Flag - End of Session or End of Race

    Black Flag - Used to indicate to a driver to return to the pits - for more info and more options see Instructional Flag Set

    Surface Flag - Signals the presence of debris or any slippery fluids on the track surface ahead

    Unfortunately to keep these flags affordable, this product is not made in Canada. We are able to make this product in Canada but the price would increase. If you wish to purchase this Canadian-made, do let us know and we will be happy to do this for you. 

    At FlagMart Canada, we are happy to customize your order or help you to amend it to fit your needs. For other sizes or materials, please reach out via the contact us link.