Summer Fun- 3 Creative summertime uses for Flags and Pennants

July 10, 2015

                                                             # 3 Flags and Pennants as  Bird Repellent 

Spending time on the water can be the most relaxing feeling in the world, or it would be if it wasn't for those pesky seagulls.
Did you know that our  affordable pennants  and windsocks can help to keep sea gulls away from your dock? 

Photo Credit: Heather Meads

                                                        # 2 Creating a pirate themed summer camp or birthday party!

Ahoy! cast those sales and raise the anchor! Kids love the idea of a pirate themed summer camp or birthday party.
Our Pirate Flag is perfect for hanging on a pole or a tree house! We also offer smaller sizes for take away items and decorations!

Photo Credit: Getty Images



                                                                                      #1 Adding some colour to a special event  !

Our wide variety of colours, shapes and sizes of pennants and windsocks are sure to brighten your occasion!

Photo Credit: Almay

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