Back to School- Time to replace your flags!

August 10, 2015

Back to School- Time to replace your flags!

Canadian schools fly the national flag, often it is flown alongside a provincial and a custom flag. If your flags are looking tattered or have lost their vibrancy, we can help!

We work with school boards across Canada to provide competitive school pricing, Through our ''Canadian Flags for Canadian Schools'' program we offer discounted rates for individual schools once their school board is registered with our program.

How it works!
There are two ways to qualify for the CFCS program:
A) Your school district commits to a minimum order of flags per year under this agreement if your school falls within that district you  permanently qualify for special  CFCS Pricing even if you only purchase a few flags a year. We offer PO arrangements for larger orders. 

B) Your school would like to order a bulk amount of Canadian, Provincial or Custom flags from us. Under this arrangement your school may qualify for special wholesale rates depending on quantity. 


Common School Board Sizing:

Classroom Flags
Size: 18' x 36'
Material: 200D Nylon
The small flags that hang at the front of most classrooms 

Custom Flags
Size: 36' x 60'
Material: 200D Nylon
Great flags for showing off your school spirit outside your school, during a pep rally assembly or football game. 

National and Provincial Flags
Size: 36' x 72'
Material: 200D nylon
The standard across Canada, Our nylon flags are well known to have vibrant colours and for their durability.
Use for outdoors on a pole or Inside for administration offices and  gymnasiums


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