Keep Your Flag Looking Newer, Longer

September 21, 2016

Keep Your Flag Looking Newer, Longer

How to Care For Your Flag 

There's nothing that evokes a sense of pride so much as a brand new flag that has just been hoisted up and catches the wind! The colours are so vibrant and it just gives you such a beautiful feeling.

That feeling fades with the flag overtime. The sun, wind and cold temperatures or fluctuating temperatures can cause rips, tears, fading and general wear and tear on a flag. 

Flags take a lot of abuse out there in the elements. I cant imagine how I would look if I were at that elevation, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week for a year! 

There are some things we can do to keep our flags looking new, vibrant and beautiful as long as possible. 

5 Easy Tips and Tricks to Keep your Flag Looking New

1. Reduce time spent outside in harsh climates.

2. Repair tears and rips as soon as you notice them

3. Make sure your flag is not wrapped around the pole

3. Hand wash or dry clean only

4. Do not use any chemicals or products on your flag to clean it. 

5. Do NOT iron on a high setting. 

Further Details on Caring for Your Flag

To keep your Canadian flag looking the bright white and  brilliant red it is known for, take it down from time to time. If you are expecting a harsh storm or a winter blizzard and your flag will not be seen, take it down to avoid deterioration. Flags are abraded by wind, cold small grains of dirt and sand and bad weather,  By taking your flag down in cold or poor weather it will help the flag to last longer.

Inspect  your flag from time to time. Check it for fraying or loose ends, small holes or rips and tears. Simple flag repairs can easily be conducted at any seamstress or at your own sewing machine and will prolong the life of your flag. 

 Always ensure your flag is not furling (wrapping around your pole) This is known to happen from time to time on horizontal poles. If your flag regularly comes into contact with something, the pole, a wall, a tree or any other object while flying, it will further accelerate the deterioration of the flag. 

Its a good idea to clean your flag from time to time. Never machine wash a flag. Flags are made of a synthetic material and are not machine washable or ironable at a high temperature. Hand wash or dry clean only by using a little dish soap in hot water to massage out any debris, sand or dirt. 

If your flag has become wrinkled, nylon flags can be ironed on the LOWEST setting.

 Do not use Bleach or harsh detergents on your flag that could potentially damage your flag. Drying is not necessary prior to hanging your flag back on the pole. 

How to Dispose of Used, Damaged or Worn Out Flags

Has your flag become frayed beyond repair and cannot be saved? If you find yourself needing to dispose of your flag and don't know what to do, you can check out this link.

Disposing of a flag can be a tricky thing. One needs to be careful to maintain the dignity of the flag. Canadian Heritage writes that you are welcome to dispose of an old flag in any manner you deem dignified. 

Unfortunately, even with the above care outdoor flags have a relatively short lifespan. You are able to carefully dispose of them or if you prefer you are able to mail them to The Canadian Heroes Foundation for a flag retirement ceremony.

Is your flag in need of replacing? we offer a variety of flags at a great price. Purchase your replacement today!


Feel free to buy online or contact us at and we will respond shortly.


 Photo by Steven Binotto on Unsplash



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