How to care for your flag

September 21, 2016

How to care for your flag


Congratulations on your new flag purchase! Time to show it off! Here are some helpful tips to keep your flag looking its best.

Looking after your new flag.

- To keep your Canadian flag looking the bright white and  brilliant red it is known for         hand wash or dry clean only.
   Avoid using a washing machine as the settings can be too harsh for flag material.

-Flags are abraded by wind, cold small grains of dirt and sand and bad weather,  By taking your flag down in cold or poor weather it will help the flag to last longer.

- If your flag has become wrinkled nylon flags can be ironed on the LOWEST setting.


-Always check your flag for fraying or loose ends, simple flag repairs can easily be conducted at any seamstress and will prolong the life of your flag. 

-Do not use Bleach or harsh detergents on your flag that could potentially damage your flag. Mild soap and water will suffice for cleaning most flags.
 Drying is not necessary prior to hanging your flag back on the pole. 

-Always ensure your flag is not furling (wrapping around your pole) This is known to happen from time to time on horizontal poles. We offer our Neverfurl kits to eliminate this problem.

Canadian Heritage writes that you are welcome to dispose of an old flag in any manner you deem dignified. 

Unfortunately, even with the above care outdoor flags have a relatively short lifespan.
You are able to carefully dispose of them or if you prefer you are able to mail them to
The Canadian Heros Foundation for a flag retirement ceremony.

Is your flag in need of replacing? we offer a variety of Canadian flag sizes!





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