Single Reverse vs. Double Sided Flags

December 10, 2020

Single Reverse vs. Double Sided Flags

Should you get a Single-Reverse flag or a Double-Sided flag?

Are you worried the flag you get will look weird if the words are reversed on the back? You might be thinking, what is the bleed through like on the reverse side? Will the colours on the back of the flag look the same as on the front or are the colours faded on the back side of the flag?

We hope the below post will clarify your questions and help you decide which type of flag is best for you. 

Single Reverse flags are the most popular flags we sell and the most popular type of flag purchased in general. Single reverse flags are printed on one side and the image bleeds through to the reverse side. We use a specialized knitted polyester flag material specifically designed for maximum bleed through to the reverse side of your flag. We also use specialized UV resistant inks and digitally print your flag so you get the maximum bleed through possible on the reverse side. Single reverse flags have the main image on the front of the flag and aa reverse of the image on the back. These flags are lightweight and recommended for flying on a flagpole.  

Double-sided flags are typically not recommended for flying on a flag pole. They are made by printing two flags that are then sewn together with an opaque liner partition. The extra weight of the flags makes them more prone to wear and tear. Double-sided flags are best when being used as festival flags, protest flags, rodeos, parades or other events. They are also good if you want to put your flag up in a stationary position where it wont be flapping in the wind and where you want both sides to be visible to your audience. 

If you are worried that the back of your flag will look odd to your viewer because the text will be reversed, do not fear. The eye naturally makes sense of the text even in the reverse and it often looks fine when flying on a pole. 

There is some fading on the back of the flag with a single-reverse printed flag but it is negligible and only noticeable when viewed from a close distance on the ground. On a flag pole, both sides look very similar. 

If you are still unsure and you want some advise on which flag to go with. Feel free to contact us We are always here to offer a helping hand. 

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