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Canadian Red Ensign (1921 - 1951) Polyknit Flag



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    Detailed Canada Red Ensign (1921 - 1951) Flag Product Description

    The Canadian Red Ensign or Red Ensign Canadien was the informal flag of Canada until 1965. In 1945, The Canadian Red Ensign could be seen atop governmental buildings. However, the ensign was never formally adopted as a national flag of Canada, with the Union Jack used as the formal flag of Canada until the current maple leaf flag was adopted in 1965

    The flag is the Red Ensign of the United Kingdom, embellished with the coat of Arms of Canada as a shield in the bottom right quarter. The shield, itself, is divided not four quarters, consisting of the coats of arms of Scotland, England, Ireland and the Kingdom of France (the founding nations of Canada)the first three quarters are identical to the Arms of the United Kingdom and the base is a sprig of the three maple leaves representing Canada. 

    The Maple Leaf flag also replaced the Canadian Red Ensign as the civil ensign of the country.

    Perfect for the Yachting or Boating enthusiast or as a teaching tool for historical reenactments. For other sizes please reach out via the contact us link.