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    Detailed City of Abbotsford Flag Product Description

    The flag of the City of Abbotsford has a green field with a yellow disc in the centre, approximately three-fifths the height of the flag. Eight yellow bars run from the disc to the edges and corners of the flag. The width of each bar is slightly less than one-fifth the height of the flag. In the centre of each bar, one-third its width, is a blue stripe running from the edge of the disc to the corner or the middle of the edge of the flag. Centred on the disc is a stylized flower composed of a central disc surrounded by a ring of ten smaller discs, all in yellow, over five white petals surrounding the ring, their edges touching and the uppermost pointing to the top of the flag. Extending from each junction between the petals is a small pointed leaf (sepal) in light green. 

    Abbotsford is known as the “Hub of the Fraser Valley” and the flag is a symbolic depiction of this slogan. The bars represent the roads in the area, with the central disc representing Abbotsford at the centre of the crossroads. The green field represents the agricultural fields, meadows, and forests within Abbotsford. The green was derived from the flag of the District of Matsqui (which amalgamated with the District of Abbotsford in June 1995 to become the City of Abbotsford). The strawberry plant (Fragaria sp.) is called a “fraise” in heraldry. It is a pun on “Fraser” for Simon Fraser, the fur trader and explorer who mapped much of British Columbia, for whom the valley and river were named in about 1808. The plant also represents the strawberry itself, an important agricultural product of the area. The flag is a banner of the city’s arms. 
    Jim Croft, Canadian City Flags, Raven 18, 2011

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    Text and image(s) from Canadian City Flags, Raven 18 (2011), courtesy of the North American Vexillological Association, which retains copyright.