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Treaty 6 Territory First Nations Flag



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Government Spec 3'x6'  200D nylon flag with rope and toggle.

This is a real flag. We supply these flags to government organizations and schools across Western Canada.

The Treaty 6 Territory flag is sometimes also known as the Onion Lake Treaty 6 flag

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Written by: Tyrone Tootoosis Sr 

“Nations make Treaties, Treaties do not a Nation make”

The Union Flag, commonly known as the Union Jack, is the flag of the United Kingdom and is known by law in Canada as the Royal Union Flag.

The flag originated in 1603 with the union of the crowns of England, Scotland and Ireland. On 12 April 1606, a new flag to represent the union between England and Scotland was specified in a royal decree. The current design dates from the Union of Great Britain and Ireland in 1801.

The flag combines the crosses of England, Ireland and Scotland: the red cross on a white background known as Saint George’s Cross, and two x-shaped crosses, the red saltire of Saint Patrick, and the white saltire of Saint Andrew.

In 1876 when Treaty Six was affirmed between First Nations and the Crown, each Chief who was a signatory to the Treaty was given, among other items, a Union Jack Flag and a Treaty Six Medal.

To honor and pay homage to this relationship, a song was composed in the early 1900s. The words in the Treaty # 6 Flag Song are:

Kiycho Kimaskwew Kikiymiykonow Iskiwaywin Kawaywaypasta kakikay kawaywaypasta
“The Queen, she gave us a flag, for it to fly in the wind forever.”
[SRO: kihc-ôkimâskwêw kikî-miyikonaw kiskiwêhon ka-wêwêpâstahk, kâkikê ka-wêwêpâstahk.]

A  free resource for schools flying the Inuit, treaty 6, treaty 7, treaty 8, or metis flags.

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