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    Product Description for the New Brunswick Flag

    The New Brunswick flag is 4 colours and is screen printed in several sizes. At FlagMart Canada we carry all sizes of New Brunswick Flags online. You can buy your NB flags by using the below charts to determine what flag size you need based on your flagpole. If you require one for indoor use on a wall, the most economical option is the polyester flag with grommets.

    Interesting Facts

    The flag of New Brunswick consists of a golden lion passant on a red field in the upper third and a gold field defaced with a lymphad on top of blue and white wavy lines in the bottom two-thirds. Adopted in 1965 shortly after the new national flag was inaugurated, it has been the flag of the Canadian province since February 24 of that year. It is a banner of arms modelled after the province's coat of arms.


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