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    Product Description for Prince Edward Island Flag

    PEI flags are five colours. We screen print all of our nylon PEI flags for all sizes.You can buy your PEI flags by using the below charts to determine what flag size you need based on your flagpole. 

    Interesting Facts about the Prince Edward Island Flag

    The flag of Prince Edward Island, Canada, is a banner modelled after the provincial arms. The flag has the proportions 2:3; the three sides away from the mast are bordered by alternating bands of red and white.

    The upper third of the flag features the English heraldic lion which appeared both on the coat of arms of Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, for whom the province is named, and on that of King Edward VII. The lower two-thirds show an island on which appear three small oak saplings (on the left) – representing the three counties of PEI (Prince, Queens, and Kings) – under the protection of a great oak tree which represents Great Britain. This symbolism is also reflected in the provincial motto, Parva sub ingenti (the small under the protection of the great).

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