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    Product Description for Saskatchewan Flag

    Saskatchewan flags are four colours. We screen print all of our nylon Saskatchewan  flags for all sizes.You can buy your Saskatchewan Flags by using the below charts to determine what flag size you need based on your flagpole. 

    Interesting History on the Saskatchewan Flag

    The current flag of Saskatchewan was adopted on September 22, 1969, the result of a province-wide competition that drew over four thousand entries. The winning entry was designed by Anthony Drake of Hodgeville, Saskatchewan.

    The flag of Saskatchewan features the armorial bearings (coat of arms) in the upper quarter nearest the staff, with the floral emblem, the western red lily (Lilium philadelphicum), in the fly. The upper green half of the flag represents the northern Saskatchewan forest lands, while the gold lower half symbolizes the southern, prairie wheat-fields. The flag is constructed in the proportions 1:2

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