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    Detailed Canada Border Services Agency Flag Product Description

    The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is a federal law enforcement agency the is responsible for border control (protection, surveillance, etc.) immigration enforcement, and customs services in Canada.
    The CBSA is one of several federal departments that have been granted heraldic symbols by the Canadian Heraldic Authority. The flag was granted on December 20, 2012. 
    The flag features a field of blue, meant to resemble the Canadian Blue Ensign, which was flown on government vessels prior to 1965, the early means of border control. It is also a colour associated with law enforcement, and is the colour of the uniform of the Canadian Border Services Agency. The national flag of Canada flies in the canton. In the fly, the badge of the CBSA. the badge portrays a gold treasure which symbolizes the agency's focus on national security. The Latin motto Protectio Servitium Integritas translates to "Protection, Service, Integrity" 

    Perfect for members of the CBSA who wish to proudly display their affiliation. For other sizes please reach out via the contact us link. 

    Flag design based on artwork on the Heraldic Authority: Created by Ng556 - Own work, Anomie, Andyops, Charles Barry; via OgreBot, Ssire, CC BY-SA 3.0

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    Ken Cook

    The CBSA flag that I ordered was exactly like I thought that it would be. The quality was amazing and the price was even better. Now I have another conversation piece for my home office. I got my CCS designation in 2018 and I started up my own third party customs brokerage business in 2019. Now I just need to get the indoor flag poles for all four flags.