Checkered Racing Flag



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    Detailed Checkered Racing Flag Description

    Nylon Chequered Racing flags are finished with a  1" sleeve so a 0.5" wooden dowel can be inserted

    The checkered flag is displayed at the Start/Finish line to indicate that the race is officially finished. At some circuits, the first flag point might display a checkered flag. The flag is associated with the winner of the race as they are seen as the driver to "take" the checkered flag. 

    Once racers see the flag, they are required to slow their cars down to a safe speed and return to their garage or paddock. 

    Checkered flags have no standard design. though it always normally consists of alternating black and white squares. Sometimes a sponsor's logo is emblazoned in the centre of the checkered flag.

    This flag also comes as part of the Basic Racing Set and the Full Racing Set.

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