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Detailed City of Brandon Flag Product Description

Designed by Darrel Kennedy, Assiniboine Herald, and assisted by other heralds of the Canadian Heraldic Authority, the flag of the City of Brandon is an uneven vertical bicolour of one-third golden yellow and two-thirds green.

The upper left hand corner holds a six-pointed snowflake outlined in green. Each arm of the snowflake bears a stalk of wheat in golden yellow with black details, the stalks meet in the centre.

The centre of the green section shows a simple shield in golden yellow, edged in black at three-fourths the height of the flag. It has a horizontal top and simple sides curving down to a point. In it, there is a black horse rearing on its hind legs, looking left two thirds the height of the shield. Above the horse is a row of three oak leaves stems-downward, in green, and over each leaf is a small green inverted "V".  

Brandon was named for the Blue Hills of Brandon whose namesake was a Hudson's Bay Company Trading post established in 1793 as Brandon House, itself, named after the Duke of Hamilton and Brandon. The Oak leaves donor the duke as an oak tree appears in his coat of arms. the inverted "V"'s recall the roofs of houses in the city. The horse derives from the previous municipal emblem. The wheat-snowflake is the municipal badge and signifies the importance of the crop to the local economy. The city also holds the nickname "The Wheat City."

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