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Detailed Every Child Matters Flag Description

Orange Shirt Day is an event, created in 2013 to commemorate and promote awareness in Canada about the Indian residential school system and the impact it had on generations of indigenous peoples, families and communities across Canada. 

A terrible truth in Canada's history now being recognized and accepted. Educating the public about the history of Canada's First Nations Peoples is important and flying flags like the Every Child Matters flag or the Treaty Flags across schools, public buildings and homes is how we can raise awareness and educate the population in order to break down stereotypes, raise the status of a people who were the victims of a genocide and come to a place of reconciliation. 

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Artwork created by FlagMart Canada

Picture of flag generously provided by our customers Chris Plain, Dean Mitchell, Roland Monague, Brownstone Cafe, Jody Ketcheson

Further Information: 

For more information and an Educators Guide to Every Child Matters, check out https://www.canadashistory.ca/CNHS/media/CNHS/cnhs-media/PDFs%20and%20Powerpoints/EN/EduEveryChildMattersEdGuideEN.pdf 

We are proud to be donating a portion of proceeds to the Indian Residential School Survivors Society (IRSSS)! Please check out this link to see the amazing work they do!

The creation of this flag, its logo and it's artwork has been approved by The Orange Shirt Society. They strive to bring awareness of the individual, family and community inter-generational impacts of the Indian Residential School System through their activities. They also support reconciliation and raise awareness of the concept of "Every Child Matters." Check them out and show support!

Customer Reviews

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Eileen Noullett

Every Child Matters First Nations Polyknit Flag

Leah Fetterley
Every Child Matters Flag

Great quality and great customer service! Flag looks awesome!
Thank you for putting 4 grommets so we could affix it to a fense.

Elaine Walsh

I love my bright orange "Every Child Matters". flag. A few people have come to our door asking where they can get one.

Leanne Jamieson

Great customer service and quality of product.

Kirk Stacey
Poor quality

For the price paid and get a flag that is only one sided is poor quality and a ripoff

Were sad to hear that you didn't like the flag. Just to clarify, the flag is not one sided, it is single reverse printed, meaning one side of the flag has the image and the other side has the reverse image. The ink bleeds through to the other side of the flag.

We can also make the flag double sided but this is not a traditional way of making a flag as it makes the flag much heavier and more prone to wear and tear. It will also take far more wind to allow the flag to fly well.