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    Detailed Franco-Albertan Flag Product Description

    The Franco-Albertan flag was adopted on March 6 1982.  

    The flag is blue near the hoist, white in the fly with diagonal narrow stripes of white and blue set from lower house to upper fly. A white fleur de lis is set in the upper hoist and a wild rose in Red and white near the lower fly. 

    The blue represents the province of Alberta as it is its main colour, the home and province of the Francophone community in Alberta. The white is for the french speaking population and commemorates the white flags of the first French peoples in North America. The narrow stripes represent the rivers and trails used by the first settlers, missionaries and explorers. The fleur de lis is another symbol strongly associated with the Francophone community across Canada. The wild rose is the official floral emblem of Alberta. The colours blue, white and red are the colours of the French as well as the Acadian flag. 

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