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    Detailed Franco-Nunavois Flag Product Description

    The Franco-Nunavois flag was adopted on March 6 1982. 

    The flag was adopted in 2002. It bears the blue that represents the arctic sky and white which represents the snow that is abundant in Nunavut. The principle shape represents an igloo and under that a shape represents the inukshuk (symbolizing human presence).

    Representative of the Canadian and Francophone Nunuavese francophone, the dandelion flower persists, through its stubbornness, adapts itself to the environment. Supple, it bends to resist storms, but never bends its head, proud to be alive. 

    The blue band is four ninths of the height. This flag does not bear a fleur de lis like other francophone flags but the colour blue, apparent in the other territorial flags is said to be link so it might have been on hte mind of the creator. 

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