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    A white, green and blue tricolour with a spruce twig in its upper left corner is widely accepted as the flag representing Labrador. From top to bottom, the tricolour features three unequal horizontal bars. White, representing snow, green, representing land, and blue, Labrador's lakes and waters The top left corner features the twig of a black spruce, a common tree seen in all regions of Labrador. the twig grows from one stalk, representing the common origin of all humanity while the three branches symbolize Labrador's three peoples: the Inuit, Innu and European settlers. The shorter inner sprig, represents the past while the larger outer sprig represents a bright future ahead. 

     You can buy your Labrador flags by using the below charts to determine what flag size you need based on your flagpole. If you require one for indoor use on a wall, the most economical option is the polyester flag with grommets.

    Interesting Facts

    The flag of Labrador, while unofficial, is used to represent the mainland part of the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador as distinct from the island of Newfoundland. It was designed in 1973 by Michael S. Martin. The flag has been influential in Labrador; its colours are mirrored in the flag of Nunatsiavut, and its spruce twig was adopted for use on the Franco-Terreneuvien flag.

    For more information regarding Post-Confederation flags in Newfoundland please check out 

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