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    Further information on the Manitoba Flag

    We screen print all of our Manitoba flags for all sizes. Flags are lightweight and folded into a small package to minimize shipping costs. 

    At FlagMart Canada we carry all sizes of Manitoba Flags online. You can buy your Manitoba Flags by using the below charts to determine what flag size you need based on your flagpole. 

    Shipping occurs within approximately 3 days from the date of purchase. Whether you live in Winnipeg, Brandon or smaller cities such as Churchill, Dauphin or Portage la Prairie. We ship all across Manitoba and Canada. 

    Interesting Facts about the Flag of Manitoba

    The flag of Manitoba is a variation of the Red Ensign which bears the shield of the provincial coat of arms. This flag was approved by the passage of a bill in the Manitoba Legislative Assembly on May 11, 1965 and was officially proclaimed on May 12, 1966. Queen Elizabeth II gave permission for the use of the Union device the preceding year (October 1965). The decision to adopt the flag was made after the federal government decided to replace the Canadian Red Ensign with the Maple Leaf flag, which was quite controversial at the time. The Manitoban flag, intentionally designed to resemble the Canadian red ensign, was seen as a way of preserving heritage that some felt was lost when the national flag was changed. The flag of Ontario was adopted under similar circumstances.

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