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    This is an official Red Metis Flag. FlagMart Canada provides this Red Metis Flag to a number of Schools, First Nations Groups, Government and other organizations across Western Canada. 

    Detailed Red Métis Flag Product Description

    The Métis Flag was first used by Métis resistance fighters in Canada before the 1816 Battle of Seven Oaks, having been received as a gift from Alexander Macdonnell of the North West Company in 1814. 

    The blue background flag has been accepted by the Métis National Council as the official flag of the Métis Nation. The Red flag now stands as the provincial ensign for the Métis Nation of Alberta.

    The white infinity symbol on the flag represents the faith that the Métis culture shall live on forever.It can also be perceived as two conjoined circles, standing for the unity of two cultures, Aboriginal First Nations and European (primarily French). 

    Perfect  for Schools, Government organizations etc. Great for the classroom as a teaching aid.

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    Further Information: 

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