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    Product Description for Pink White and Green Newfoundland Flag

    This is an unofficial flag. There is a myth that this flag represents the Republic of Newfoundland but Newfoundland was never a republic and this flag was never an official or a republican flag.

    This flag is a late 19th century product which took the place of an earlier tricolour flag containing red white and green. The Red White and Green flag, which many people accept as the first flag of Newfoundland, represented the land and its people and was used at social and political events. It was flown as late as 1884 as the unofficial flag. The same tricolour flag was adopted by two other societies, the Newfoundland Fisherman's Society and the Total abstinence and Benefit Society, both founded in 1858. 

    The origins of the PWG flag could have come from the SOS (Star of the Sea Association) a mutual benefit society founded in 1871 by the Catholic Church. It's flag consisted of a white star with a pink cross across a green background. The Native and the SOS flags were often flown together and eventually the SOS simplified its flag to a tricolour one. 

    The 1880s--90s were a transition period, the true Native flag of red, white and green disappears from sources and is replaced by a new "native flag" of pink, white and green. In part, this is due to the passage of time and the growth and establishment of the SOS as part of the culture of the society. 

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