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Yukon Territory Flag


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Nylon Flags

  • 200D Nylon Yukon Flags (Government Standard is 70D nylon)
    • Great Quality - All of our nylon flags are quadruple stitched on the fly end
    • Vivid colours - All of our nylon flags are screen printed to bring out bright and beautiful colours
    • Durable compared with other materials - 200D nylon is the most ideal product for outdoor flag use
    • Resistant to UV rays - our nylon Yukon flags are printed with UV resistant inks on UV coated nylon
    • Nylon Yukon flags can be finished either with a rope and toggle or grommets
    • All of our nylon flags are made in Canada!

Polyester Flags

  • Polyester Provincial Flag - most economical and best value option
    • Ideal for indoor use
    • Finished with grommets on the left hand side

Product Description for Yukon Territory Flag

We screen print all of our nylon Yukon flags for all sizes. Flags are lightweight and folded into a small package to minimize shipping costs. 

At FlagMart Canada we carry all sizes of Yukon Flags online. You can buy your Yukon Territory Flags by using the below charts to determine what flag size you need based on your flagpole. 

Determine The Flag Size You Need

Application Size of Pole Standard Flag Sizes
Outdoor Flag Pole 20’ 27"x54",36"x72"
  25’ 36"x72,45"x90"
  30’ 45"x90",54"x108"
  35’ 54"x108",60"x120"
  40’ 60"x120",72"x144"
Indoor Flag Display 8’ 36"x60", 36"x72"
Wall Angle Mounted 6’ 27"x54"
  8’ 36"x60", 36"x72"


Determine What Flag Material Is Best For You

Polyester- Our econo-line, ideal for indoor use. Finished with grommets on the left hand side

200 Denier Nylon- Canada's ideal flag material perfect for outdoor or indoor use and is finished with rope and toggle or grommets on the left-hand side

Interesting History of the Yukon Flag

The flag of Yukon, Canada, is a green, white, and blue tricolour with the coat of arms of Yukon at the centre above a wreath of fireweed, the territorial flower. An official flag for Yukon was created during the 1960s, a decade in which the national flag of Canada was chosen as well as several other provincial flags were created. The flag of Yukon was officially selected from a territory-wide design competition in 1967, with the winning design adopted on March 1, 1968.

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