Canadian Casket Flags

January 13, 2021

Canadian Casket Flags

Tackling Customer Questions on Casket Flags

We often get questions about casket flags or funeral flags. Many customers ask questions such as How do I properly drape casket flags over a casket? What are the rules about casket flags? Can I put two flags over a casket?

These are all great questions! We're going to attempt to tackle them below. 

What is the Size of a Canadian Casket Flag?

The flag size for a standard, adult-sized casket in Canada is 4 1/2 ft x 9 ft (feet) or 1.4 m x 2.8 m (meters). This is also 54” x 108” (inches).

FlagMart Canada offers specially made casket flags that have hemming all the way around the flag. You can purchase a standard Canadian Casket Flag or a Custom Casket Flag. We can also happily do a casket flag in any province or territory you require.

The casket flags we make are hemmed all the way around the flag. There is no header or finishing to allow the flag to be flown on a flagpole. Its purpose is only to serve as a covering for the casket for burial.

What is the Proper Way to Display a Casket Flag?

The proper way to drape a casket flag over a casket is to ensure that the canton is draped over the upper left corner of the casket.

Do I Need to Secure the Flag with Casket Elastics?

The short answer is no. You can leave the flag draped over the casket until it is removed.

When Should I Remove a Casket Flag?

The flag should be removed before the casket is lowered into the grave, or at a crematorium, after the service is completed.

Can I Put More Than One Flag on a Casket?

You can put more than one flag on a casket but all flags on a casket flag should be visible in their entirety. You cannot put half a flag or fold a flag in any way when displaying it on a casket.

How to Properly Fold a Flag After it is Removed from a Casket

It is difficult to explain in text how to properly fold a flag after it is removed from a casket but thankfully there is a great infographic provided by the Federal Government at and shown below. 

There is also an excellent YouTube video which shows in detail, the correct etiquette with which to fold the National flag.   

Contact FlagMart Canada

If we have missed a question or you would like us to look into a related matter for you, reach out to us at! We will do everything we can to ensure you get the answers you need to make an informed decision about your flag purchase.


Photo by Rhodi Lopez on Unsplash

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